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UPDATED: PDAStudio brings clutter-free LCD case display

In the past several years, LCD displays for cases had quite a craze… selling like hotcakes, even though they were quite expensive. I didn’t like them not because of the price, but rather because all the crap cabling that came with them. I still have two LCD displays and they’re not in any of my cases since they have roughly dozen cables going outside them.

Finally, somebody got the message. I received pictures from Italian PDA Studio Srl, company that made great strides into bringing the water-cooling setups into the world of automotive workstations. These guys’n’girls are now thinking what to do with enthusiast space, and their first product is OS-agnostic LCD display (Windows, Linux, UNIX).
This baby will come in internal and external versions, connecting using nothing else but a USB cable (9-pin internal one, or conventional external 7-pin one). Internal version takes two 5.25″ bays, and has a long internal cable, so you should be able to fit it nicely in big tower cases. External version will feature an aluminum enclosure.

What you’re seeing in pictures is 3rd party software called LCDHype, but final version will feature proprietary drivers and software. The MSRP is below 100 Euro for European markets, and the availability is targeting Christmas season. We’ll cover this one in the future; I am really interesting to see can we finally witness the birth of a clutter-free component for enthusiasts.

UPDATE – November 28, 2008, 12:03PM CET – I’ve received an update from reps, and the company is now accepting pre-orders for the device. The e-mail for pre-order is