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Saturday Light Special: Blast from (Croatian) past

Today was a pretty remarkable day… technologically-challenged friend of mine brought a computer for debugging and after a while, I managed to get to the bottom of it. What made this repair special was the fact that this computer was a part of action made by Croatian Telecom, then known as HThinet.

This sales action was impressive – for 24 months, you would pay 50 EUR every month to get 56Kb modem connection and a computer that was maybe 500 EUR worth. Maybe. Anyways, this brought memories of yesteryear and this poster.

No translation with this one. Be creative ;)

No translation with this one. Be creative 😉

I will not translate the content, but I know that almost every reader of this blog has a friend from the balkan area of the world, or you can type the words in Google translator. This truly fits in Mature rating, btw. And that brings the following question: why are croatian, bosnian and serbian languages so poetic when it comes to swearing? The Allmighty only knows… after all, He is the topic of most of them 😉

P.S. if you’re wondering what did I fix on PoS configuration, the answer is simple: beside hard drive, case and power supply – everywhing else was changed.