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OCZ first to market with blazing fast eSATA flash drive

Regardless of we like it or not, there is only so much USB 2.0 products can do. The standard offers a maximum theoretical speed of 60 MB/s, split between the ports as every shared standard out there.

With the recent developments in the world of flash memory, the companies saw USB 2.0 flash drives that can’t deliver the bandwidth due to the limitations within the standard.


eSATA gets more portable storage in the shape of OCZ Throttle

eSATA gets more portable storage in the shape of OCZ Throttle

As far as our record go, OCZ is the only company that experimented with FireWire 800 flash drives and now the company launched eSATA flash drive. Under the name OCZ Throttle eSATA, this “eStick” is offering fantastic performance, 90 MB/s read and 30 MB/s write.


There are three Throttle models, 8GB, 16GB and the 32GB one, all featuring identical performance characteristics.

What happens if your computer doesn’t feature eSATA port? Answer is simple – Throttle comes with mini-USB 2.0 connector as well. You have to use the USB-2-miniUSB cable, but the option is there. But with ASUS and Toshiba implementing eSATA ports onto their notebooks, and the abudance of motherboards with eSATA ports, this technology has some serious potential. Products are arriving on market just in time for Christmas shopping extragavanzza.