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EA to put PhysX engine in (all) upcoming games

Nvidia’s The Way It’s Meant To Be Played program just scored a major victory. We received a press release stating that Electronic Arts decided to adopt PhysX technology as a development platform “available to EA’s studios worldwide”.

While the language in the release leaves a possibility for studios not to adopt PhysX engine for physics calculations, we all remember the case with a certain middleware developed by software developer/publisher that ended up eaten by EA. EA won’t eat up Nvidia, but this announcement is more than a victory for PhysX.

EA is a company that annually releases more than 600 games (counting all the platforms), and if the company adopts PhysX on all of its platforms (that make sense), PhysX will see more than 600 titles in 2009.

If Nvidia gets same support from another major player such as Ubi soft, EIDOS or Codeplay, there is little doubt that PhysX will win the Physics war.