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EA to put PhysX engine in (all) upcoming games

Nvidia’s The Way It’s Meant To Be Played program just scored a major victory. We received a press release stating that Electronic Arts decided to adopt PhysX technology as a development platform “available to EA’s studios worldwide”.

While the language in the release leaves a possibility for studios not to adopt PhysX engine for physics calculations, we all remember the case with a certain middleware developed by software developer/publisher that ended up eaten by EA. EA won’t eat up Nvidia, but this announcement is more than a victory for PhysX.

EA is a company that annually releases more than 600 games (counting all the platforms), and if the company adopts PhysX on all of its platforms (that make sense), PhysX will see more than 600 titles in 2009.

If Nvidia gets same support from another major player such as Ubi soft, EIDOS or Codeplay, there is little doubt that PhysX will win the Physics war.

  • I still remember the enthusiasm we shared seeing the modded map of UT3 which was sporting PhysX technology, 2 years ago at CeBIT, Theo. Remember the DELL machines? Amazing stuff two years ago, amazing stuff still now. I do own a PCI PhysX 100 card, stable and working on my PC, and was recently wondering if the PhysX implementation on the Nvidia’s GPU was just able to deliver the same “experience”. Didn’t try a new Green card, will have to wait a while to do that (my 8800GTS 640MB does not work with PhysX, I fear, nor the 8800GTX ULTRA on the test system does, but I didn’t try).

    Anyway, I see a very brilliant future for that technology, but I sincerely was disappointed when the company was eaten up by the Green Goblin. My fears that the technology was to be abandoned, though, reveled to be only fears, luckily.

    George Clarkson

  • Well, any card with GeForce 8 chip and above will do. I saw some awesome framerates on a system with GeForce 8800GT 512MB using old XFX 8600GTS XXX Edition as PhysX card, and framerates were as great as on GTX280 using graphics+physics on the same card.

    Don’t bet, if you have 8800GTS and combine it with 8800Ultra, you’re safe and sound as far as PhysX go… I did that interview with Roy a while ago, and he said anything with Geforce 8 or more will do. And by some odd chain of reaction, it really did.

    Download Geforce power pack and try UT3, Tornado level. I was blown away back at that blasted Games Convention in Leipzig.

  • Yeah sorry, it was in Leipzig, I got confused.

    Actually I was willing to use the 8800GTX ULTRA as standalone, to see if the PhysX still works on it and if there is actually any difference with the original AGEIA PhysX card. Will let you know.


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