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OCZ rolls out a low-latency, low-voltage DDR3-2000 for Core i7

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Even though CES is usually the place to launch great things, credit crunch caused an attack of product launches before the trade show itself. After car manufacturers started to leak pictures of their 2009 models (those Merc E-class pics are leaked by the company itself, have no illusions), the time came for IT industry to do the same.

Nvidia rollout a paper preview of their upcoming GeForce GTX295 cards on the last day, after most Christmas orders are already processed (I’ll address this in a separate article), and now OCZ announced its latest product, also to be available in January 2009.

ocz_bladeBlade 2000 is the name for brand new series of memory modules for the Core i7 processor. If you ask me, they could have call the memory Dreamliner or Dream series, since it shares the same latencies as Boeing 787 airplane. Then again, that plane is stuck to the ground until 2010, and this memory should make your spankin’ new Core i7 system fly in early 2009.

As hinted above, OCZ’s Blade memory works at DDR3-2000 with excellent CL7-8-7-20 latencies, featuring same low-voltage chips as 1600 MHz memory. Kit is available in 6GB size, so you have a choice between 6GB and 12GB, but don’t expect Nehalems memory controller to keep all six modules in order at 2000 MHz clock.

Personally, after reading what kind of overclocking dud is the Core i7 Extreme 965 in the latest issue of The Overclocker, I wonder what OCZ has in store for rejuvenated AMD and their two hot products, Phenom II and the Dragon platform. Bear in mind that this is the only manufacturer ever to offer AMD-only memory, which exercised all those options hidden inside of K8 memory controller.
All in all, OCZ has a lot of interesting stuff planned for 2009.

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