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Personal: Not a good Christmas

If you wondered what is the reason for lack of updates on this blog, rest assured, the reason is not because I got drunk and am sleeping below a Christmas tree. First of all, I don’t drink, and secondly, I could only wish for such a scenario.

On last Friday, my 76-year strong grandpa ended up in the hospital under the assumption of stroke. Sadly, a stroke was best possible option, given the medical nature. I will not disclose the medical diagnose, but let’s say that any doctor in medical shows would say “oh sh…” while reading the CT scan. The situation is not good – at all.

Even though grandpa is in mentally great condition, my family and myself are traveling back and forth between Zagreb and Sisak (120km every day),  and my family duties are keeping me away from Core i7 and Phenom II platforms. I will post an update on Phenom II as soon as possible, but for now, my time is being spent with the family.

Thank you for your consideration and I wish you merry Christmas. I hope that you’re having better time than me.

P.S. To make the matters heavier on my family members and friends, grandpa’s name is Vladimir Mraz, and his title “Djed Mraz” has the same meaning with Santa Claus in Croatia. Thus, no Christmas presents this year, since our Djed Mraz is lying in hospital in Sisak.