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Logitech launches a new gaming attack with four products

Logitech is dead set on fending off all of its challengers in the arena of high-end gaming peripherals, and the company decided to launch a pack of four interesting products – out of which one is already launched, but hey, who cares.
We received a press release and that press release is stating that on first day of CES (which is tomorrow, btw), Logitech launched its new series of game products, consisting out of a gaming keyboard, gaming controller-that-looks-like-a-keyboard, gaming mice and gaming headset.
Without further ado, I present you with the four riders of gaming apocalypse:

Just to make things more interesting, this morning, I woke up and saw that the LCD display on my 1st gen G15 keyboard finally went kaput. It lost backlight yesterday, and this morning, whole LCD part is a goner. But that happened just in time for these babies.