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Microsoft invites everybody to download and try Windows 7 Beta!

The continuation of the title would be… “kinda” 😀

After spending last couple of days offline, I logged on today and learned that two sites posted news that Microsoft does not want for people to download the beta version of Windows 7.  This was surprising to me, since only thing that Microsoft did was put the 2.5 million user cap. Their servers melted down and people downloaded 2.5 million ISO images. Well, Microsoft decided to show that the company really turned the corner and became more user-friendly than any software vendor out there (yes, brave words from me about MSFT, but facts are facts).

The company removed 2.5 million download cap , hired additional hosting services outside MSFT campus to cope with the load and prolonged the beta download until January 24th. The only caveat was how to get the keys if you’re not TechNet/MSDN subscriber.

Well, friends at Neowin posted a great article about how to legally get a key to Windows 7 Beta . And the way is really easy. All you have to do is have Windows Messenger account and log in on the TechNet’s page . Then, copy&paste one of addresses from down below and voila – keys will be generated for you (yes, copy and paste in the same window/tab).


My keys... in nice, shortened version 😛

Ain’t life great? Go, download the ISO images and enjoy in next gen of operating systems from Microsoft. Honestly, I am thinking about ditching 64-bit Vista Ultimate and putting W7 B1 as my default 64-bit OS (I use 32-bit XP, 64-bit Vista + 64-bit Ubuntu).
You can download the images by clicking here: