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Watch Obama’s inauguration online

Today marks the historic day not just in American history, but also in history of the world. There are great expectations about this presidency, mostly due to the fact that the country has to recover from a president that only made less bad moves than a certain ruler of Germany in 1930 and 1940s. Probably.

Internet played a decisive role in this election, and it is very appropriate that an internet video service is giving full coverage of the inauguration. If you visit Joost today from 5PM CET (11AM EST), you can watch not just the inauguration, or a “single channel mode” that reminds us of TV of 20th century, but rather enjoy in a lot of additional content, such as “Saying Good Bye to Bush”.


It is good to see Joost pulling the extra punches… since next elections are probably going to be lead more online than on TV networks (it may be a given to us techies, but mainstream crowd still doesn’t know what will hit them very soon).

You can watch Obama’s presidential inauguration by clicking on this sentence.