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ATI slightly cuts prices, releases new drivers

In a never-ending battle to raise interest of both partners and distributers, ATI silently introduced latest series of price cuts. If you’re an AIB that buys boards from ATI, you might want to hear that some partners are getting nice $5 discount on Radeon 4830, which now is repositioned in order to “re-jig the product stack”. Given the fact that current retail price is as low as $79.99 (after rebate) in North America and €89.99 in Europe, this additional price decrease should bring the price down to $69/€79 level. This puts additional pressure on Nvidia’s 9800 series, and it seems that the battle now is for each and every consumer.

Five bucks cheaper if you buy in quantity ;-)

Five bucks cheaper if you buy in quantity 😉

If you’re into multi-GPU setups, we’re approaching the level that it is better to buy 2x 4830 than a single 4870, given the number of shaders and good overclocking modes.
On the other hand, ATI released Catalysts 9.1… frankly I can’t remember when did ATI wait for the last days of month to release their monthly update but nevertheless, this is an impressive feat. 9.1 represent first Catalyst revision of the month, ninth year in a row (nine years since the launch of Radeon series? Darn, I am old 😉 ).