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New Everest utility supports OpenGL 3.0

Early this morning, I received word from Tamas Miklos, author of EVEREST. This popular system benchmark and utility just got a major upgrade, supporting several new and useful tests. In fact, this is the very first benchmark that checks your compliance with OpenGL 3.0 API, but it doesn’t stop there. GPGPU devices information is also added, supporting both ATI Stream and Nvidia CUDA APIs. Given the speed of development, we might even get GPU-independent GPGPU benchmark, who knows.

New benchmark/system utility offers plethora of information...

New benchmark/system utility offers plethora of information...

New feature is also Alert – sensor monitoring utility that triggers audio visual alert on overheating, voltage drop, overvoltage or cooling fan failure. This might prove quite useful in checking is your power supply good enough. Standard features include support for the latest processors and chipsets, such as  Core i7, Atom, Phenom II and others. Support for OpenAL and High Definition Audio were also added. UI also underwent some changes – Windows 7 users should be happy, and if you use Vista Sidebar, you should like the newly designed information “widget”.

Everest 5.0 is available now at