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Microsoft releases IE8: Last gasp or a fresh start?

Ever since Microsoft overtook Netscape, its position on the browser market never looked so pale. IE is still used by majority of users world-wide, but market share started to slide with the launch of Mozilla Firefox. Opera is holding its also-ran position (and leading the mobile internet market), Google’s (unpolished) Chrome and Apple’s Surfari are only beginning to nimble the market share, but expect an explosion to happen in the next year.

Browser wars are back, and they’re back in full strength: who is going to win? Mozilla Firefox leads the market share of alternative browsers and in some countries, such as Germany – enjoys leading market share. Google’s Chrome came out of beta, and then returned to beta status within the same year (1.0 beta becomes 1.0 – and 2.0 beta arrived this week) , while Apple made great progress forward with more stable and mature Safari. Version 4 is currently the leading browser in recently released Peacemaker, browser benchmark from “The Flying Finns” (Futremark).

So, what is Microsoft doing? Releasing its last internet browser based on current Internet Explorer technology. IE8 is the default web browser for Windows 7, but it is removable due to the completely new browser engine coming in late 2010.

IE8 was released some hours ago, and this version of “Exploder” will have to hold the fort for Microsoft until the next-gen technology debuts. If you want to try IE8, head over to official Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 download page or go to alternative sites such as TechPowerUp! or Softpedia.