Ericsson achieves 500Mbps Internet connection using copper wire!

Within next three years, speeds we achieve to access the Internet are going to kick into the high gear. 4G LTE is without any doubt, going to launch the revolution of mobile Internet. Downloading speeds of 100 Mbps and 50 Mbps upstream is more than enough to stream Blu-ray video in highest possible bit-rate, and we’re talking about streaming on a cell phone.

So, if 100 Mbps is something that we can expect in a year or two, why should we bother with the deployment of expensive fiber-optics cabling that (currently) achieves only 20/20 or 50/50 Mbps, if you’re lucky?

Good old copper wire proved its invaluable status – I am writing this while being connected to the Internet using 20Mbps stream coming down through 43-year old telephone installations (yeah, I do have those three-pin large connectors), but it seems that copper-based networking standards aren’t dead yet.

Networking wizards at Swedish telecommunications giant Ericsson came up with improvements that are nothing else but breathtaking. Researches at the company managed to introduce couple of new technologies to VDSL2+ protocol. Key feature is now “crosstalk cancellation” and “line bonding”… Crosstalk Cancellation works by looking for any presence of noise on the line and increasing the signal strength and is the main culprit why your home will have Internet connection in excess of 500 Mbps (62,5 MB/s). If your house is withing 500m from the modem pool, that is.

And now wait to hear “analysts” and “experts” who are saying that Internet will collapse. Get a decent internet connection before crying loud, guys’n’gals.