Welcome to the (b)right experience

…to something completely different, yet the same. First of all, I wish to welcome you to Bright Side of News or BSN*. The goal of this project is to bring you that good old "magazine-style" diverse experience and turbo-charge it with the speed of Internet 2.0. We are going to bring you analysis, interviews, news, reviews, rumors and much more from the never-stopping world of semiconductor industry and all of its covered markets. When we write all, then we do mean all – from birthmark removing GPU-accelerated algorithms in the adult movie industry to finding what chips go and do in a 550-tonne flying marvel.

There will be a lot of exclusive news, reviews and interviews, all for your reading pleasure. Our goal is to bring information about what’s going on in the industry and give you a different perspective than the one you might be used to. The assembled team is something that I am personally most proud off. You’re going to enjoy or get mad at articles written by authors that have more than 120 years of journalist experience, yet bursting with fresh ideas.

But the buck doesn’t stop there. Our focus is to deliver you (b)right information at the (b)right time. Our goals are to protect the consumer interests and enable interaction between the industry and you directly, and we have prepared several initiatives from the get-go. For starters, we are bringing Consumer-2-Business initiative, a reverse of traditional B2B and B2C models. We all saw how the Internet changed the way we communicate and conduct business. Yet, in a lot of ways, our progressive industry got bogged down by ludacris conventional models. At BSN*, we want to change the running order and create a pipeline where you, our respected readers – will help the companies to create better products. No more marketing mumbo-jumbo.

BSN* is the first publication coming from TCDN Inc., a new company on the media scene. Wand plan to launch several publications spanning across mediums, so don’t expect Internet is our final frontier 😉 . We hope that you will enjoy on our site and participate in our activities.

You can also follow us on twitter, either on the official BSN* Twiterrette channel or as individuals (there are plenty of us there ;-))). My personal twitter is located on, you’re welcome to follow and discuss with us.

All the best,

Theo Valich
Editor-in-Chief, BSN*
Chairman & President, TCDN Inc.