Cooling expert criticizes Acer for its Predator series

In the light of U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission ordering a recall of Acer Predator computers, we wondered what the cause was for this unfortunate PR disaster. The answer may come from George Clarkson, computer cooling expert. In his blog, Clarkson criticizes the internal design of recalled machines.

Problem is: cable clutter and lack of space is making the heat to build u in aras where normally there should be plenty of space for air to circulate, and to cool secondary components as mosfets and chipsets.

The system could really have been built taking care of air ventilation a lot better, adopting, for instance, a slightly bigger case to start with, with integrated fans in the front (where in the ctual case the HDD find their place, practically obstructing the airflow from the front, and cooler, part of the case.

Blog also contains the picture of the internals… have to say, it looks incredible that a company which manufacturers one of the best notebooks on the market is capable of doing such a botched job. Clarkson advises Acer to ask for advice of liquid cooling experts in order to avoid future product recalls. It looks like rushing a design to counter HP Blackbird 002 was not such a good idea…