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The wait is over! BSN* is now live..

Ever since I left TG Daily, a lot of industry connections asked me what were my plans for the future. After a brief stint over at Jon Peddie’s Research and the recession that well, didn’t exactly work in my favor – I decided to launch a website on my own.

But, the goal of the project was not just a website… if I experienced something, that is the need of this industry for open communication, from manufacturers to consumers and back. This industry made its naming conventions so confusing that even the best of us get confused… enter Bright Side of News.

With this project, whole team of people gathered in a bid to make something different. We hope that we will succeed in our quest. As far as this blog is go, I will not shut it down… I will put my ramblings here and there, and link to stories to our main site, so keep it in your RSS readers.

The time has come for the rollout...

The time has come for the rollout...

But for now, I invite you to visit the Bright Side of News. Site is in web beta status, currently at version 0.4. This has nothing to do with content, but with programming features. We will load the stories during the week, and as of today, it is business as usual… by weeks’ end, there will be around 60 stories on the site… 😉

We plan to gradually put more and more features and put v1.0 (and remove version markings) in the next two weeks. We simply had to launch to see how the server will handle the load and did we pull a Windows Vista or a Windows 7 😉

The site has impressive numbers of lines of code (over 200,000 lines), and we will use our own-developed BSN* Live CMS as a platform for our current and future publications…once that we have BSN* Live CMS into mature and rounded development phase, you can expect something in the way of WordPress, but this time, using platforms developed by Microsoft.

Once that v1.0 is live, you’ll know why we decided to go with Microsoft technologies.

Given the fact that I haven’t slept for two days, I am paying special regards to Kenneth from VikingReviews, who was the first to capture that we went live. In case that you eat danish rather than speak it, you can see the translation here.