PC Power & Cooling launches a new silent PSU for the high-end machines

We received news that PC Power & Cooling has just extended their Silencer Product range up to 910 W. That’s some some power and they recieved the NVIDIA SLI Ready logo as well.

With over 20 years of experience, PP&C claims that their Silencer line-up can fit all the computing needs from 370W to 910W, whilst the latter one can do 1000W peak. All done on a single rail, so you really can max out this power supply.

We will put a 750W Silencer on our testbench soon and we expect the Silencer 910 to beat that easily. So, whatever your needs are, PC Power and Cooling (a OCZ Group member) has something that fits. Here is some detail tech info for you as well – PP&C claims "Rock-solid, super-clean DC output, a powerful Single Rail +12VDC (74A), and complete array of connectors including quad PCI-Express, 24-pin, dual 8-pin, and 4/8-pin motherboard connectors, this PSU can power an array of high end components". We would add that everything sounds nicer on  paper 🙂

Check out more info on this PSU at the official site. The price of this part is set at US$229.99 on the PC Power & Cooling site. On the other hand, if you’re really interested in 900W silent-running power supply, you can also browse the all-mighty Internet and conduct a search for a better deal or another [silent] power supply.