BSN* temporarily offline, server switch under way

As you noticed, BSN* temporarily went offline on May 19th, 2009 at 07:15AM PST. Unfortunately, the hosting service we used so far [IXhosting/eCommerce and their dedicated server business] unilaterally shut down our server due to host link overload. Given that we announced the server switch to the current hosting provider, we view their one-sided act as a hostile behavior towards our business. This was done with no previous warning and I’ll leave that matter to the business and legal services that we deployed to protect ourselves.

We’re now moving Bright Side of News* to a company that offered us service and comes with a credible background, with multiple 100, 10 and 1Gbps links and is the host to large ISPs and .com domains on the West Coast. Given the time needed for the DNS address change, we probably won’t be available until the weekend. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this unprofessional behavior, but we are powerless to change the service sooner.

If you are planning on starting a new business, be vary of webhosting services out there in order to avoid becoming a victim of your own success. BSN* became a 3mth average Top 200K site on in 55 days and reached Top 50,000 sites on Quantcast. Our former hosting service did not liked that and probably prefers to use 300-visitor-a-day blog owners in their success stories instead of serious business such as ours.

The announcement given on the old BSN* still stands – we are going to bring version v1.0 next week, featuring HD galleries and more importantly, HD videos. With a stable and professional service at our new provider, we believe that the availability issues will be the thing of the past. Thank you for your patience.