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Bridgestone about to release its next-gen e-Paper

The IT industry and future technologies are just too hot cake not to take part of, even if your core business is "something completely different". Bridgestone has started to develop e-Paper [or e-Ink, as some companies like to call the technology].

Bridgestone's e-Paper brings support for color - a major step forward for the technology.Two years later, Bridgestone is bringing its second generation to market. Bridgestone’s e-Paper will come in several different models, but one of most important part is fully developed color technology. Given the limitations and lack of background lighting, don’t expect an LCD-style experience. Secondly, an A4-size e-Paper refresh was accelerated to 0.8 seconds, roughly ten times faster than its previous generation.

The key to all of the improvements is Bridgestone’s own material, called "electronic granular powder". The latest version of the powder supported color and accelerated refresh. Given the expected ramp-up of the technology, don’t be too surprised if in five or six years, Bridgestone becomes a household name in the world of IT. Unless their tires burst, naturally.