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Cooler Master launches Global Modding Competition 2009

In the past, we used to delete the press releases containing local-based contests – we are a global publication and really have no interest in supporting a competition that is out of reach for two thirds [or more] of our readers.

Thus, we were really glad to hear that Cooler Master decided to listen in to reason and lift any geographical restrictions and organize a truly global challenge – Cooler Master Global Modding Challenge 2009. The contest runs from July 1, 2009 to September 30, 2009 ? with the cut-off date of September 20th, 2009 after which online voting will commence. Truth to be told, we feel quite odd that we received a press release day AFTER the challenge started – somebody seriously dropped the ball on this one.

The challenge is simple – search for the best modded cases in the world. Three categories mean only one thing: best full tower, best mid tower and best unique design. Each category will have four winners, for a grand total of 12 winners: 3x Winner and 9x "Best of".

There is also a pool of awards for voters [September 21-30, 2009] and Cooler Master is promising rich awards – but not disclosing them. Somehow, we believe that CM currently only has a general idea what to award the winners with, but we’ll leave that to your judgment.

BTW, the sponsors are both AMD and Intel [Extreme Board Division], Crucial, CyberPowerPC, Choiix, Kingston, MSI and Zotac.