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Sin-galore in Singapore

Far East is, step by step, becoming the new centre of the world – and that applies to the ‘Generation Y’ time wasting activities like blogging, twittering and such. The multi-billion and growing population here has too little space to go out sometimes in all those dense cities, so electronic social activities on small gadgets have a boom time.

Here in super-developed Singapore, the Switzerland of Asia [minus the mountains, plus the extra money], this past weekend saw Intel and Lenovo team up with a famous local department store TANGS [something like Macy’s with a Chinese twist and plenty of saucy lingerie], at the busiest downtown intersection, to have a dozen bloggers stay overnight in the shopfront windows and non stop blog and twit, blog and twit, about everything all and sundry. The bloggest were of both sexes, various races, and ranged in size from less than 5 feet to over 6 feet.

Singaporean weather makes any promotion a breeze to organize, especially when gorgeous ladies are around…

The object of desire, i.e. the grand prize for the bloggers? Lenovo’s new Montevina+ ULV based subnotebook with a wide 1366×768 screen, yes the same resolution as on cheap "HD Ready" TV sets. Is it me, or does the widened screen shape now match the keyboard proportions more and more? Luckily, the Lenovo girls on the stage didn’t have the proportion problems – and no, you guessed wrong: the shortest girl has the best legs:

Singaporeans endulge in the day and night of free blogging and twittering until somebody wins a notebook
Singaporeans endulge in the day and night of free blogging and twittering until somebody wins a notebook

Talking about that aspect of portability, it was Nadya, the smallest contestant, who won. Despite her petite [shall we say: Ultra-Mobile] stature, Nadya walked away with the new notebook, a worthy prize knowing the continuous torture she may have had to undergo non-stop scrolling the documents on the wide yet shallow display – give us 1280×800 back at 16:10 proportion, please!

Finally, note that these are top IT players in their fields, bothering to organise such event at a, suffice to say, very expensive piece of real estate, comparable to London’s Oxford Street. The morale of the story: blogging, twittering and such can make you famous, and if you’re willing to go for sleepless nights in public doing it, even earn a free [sub]notebook!