BSN* PR Manager of the Month: August 2009

Last month, we started with this monthly series – paying tribute to people whose every word is usually twisted and turned thousand times. In the world of journalists, I heard numerous terms, such as spinners, spinolas, public deceivers, or simply – PR Managers.

Here at Bright Side of News*, we give credit where credit is due. In order for a person to be nominated for the monthly recognition, we are looking for the following qualities:

?  Professional

?  Responsive

?  Proactive

?  Creative

?  Persistent

?  Agile

?  Fair

?  Friendly face

As we are working with dozens of PR managers spanned across the globe, we don’t think that there is shortage of names that just might get a little credit back for all the work they did with us. Last month, we gave this recognition to a PR manager from AMD, for his performance on ATI’s Digital HD Audio issue. This month, the award actually goes to a lady in the wild jungles of tech.

BSN* PR Manager of the Month for August 2009: Kerry Tescher, Liaison PR

We’re all glad to give this month’s award to Kerry Tescher of Liaison PR. Kerry coordinates professional graphics and CUDA segments over at nVidia.

Kerry Tescher, Liaison PR, nVidiaI have personally worked with Kerry for years now and I can state that there wasn’t a single moment in our relationship where Kerry did not show anything else but professional excellence and spot on coverage.

For our upcoming digital production pipeline series of articles, Kerry provided us with everything that we needed, going much further than nVidia and nVidia’s view of things, getting us in touch with small and big developers that work on CUDA-accelerated plug-ins. In all these past 14 weeks of preparation, trials, troubleshooting, Kerry and her team was there to help us.

Thus, we have no reserve in giving Kerry this award – and we hope to continue to work with her, Audra and the rest of Liaison PR for years to come.