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News from Facebook: @tagging in status updates

Today Facebook launched a new feature; tagging friends in status updates and other messages from the publisher. To tag someone you need to use the "@" symbol followed by friend’s name, name of the page or group. The message will show only the link to friends profile or link to Facebook group.

Facebook popularized tagging of friends in photos years ago. But now it took a step further, quoting: "One small step for the Facebook but huge for mankind", or at least for all the people who are using it.

But we all know that "@" tagging friends is not a revolutionary thing. Twitter is using it from the beginning and it has become the most popular feature on the social network. The main difference is that on Facebook you don’t need to memorize your friends usernames, just start typing in "@" and a friend’s name and a drop-down menu will show up and will let you choose from your list of friends, groups, pages, events and applications. When you tag someone in a status update, that person will receive a notification and a Wall post, which links the person to your status update. Similar to tagging in photos, the person has the option of removing the tag. This feature will be slowly incorporated over the next few weeks.

In fact, we would bet that the next step could be the implementation of focus or hot news subjects with a hash tag [#], but we’ll see how long it will take.

Of course the "@" tagging feature is a small thing in comparison to the Facebook acquisition of FriendFeed, but it is important card in poker game between Facebook and Twitter.