xpPhone shown booting into Windows XP on Video

In the world of the smart phone there are two kings. The BlackBerry and of course the iPhone; in terms of global numbers the iPhone has a slight advantage due to its popularity amongst the average consumer. However, in the business world the BlackBerry still hold the crown. But all of that could change with the introduction of the world?s first phone to actually run a real desktop OS.  We have been hearing rumors and rumblings about this new phone called the xpPhone since last year. Still no one has been able to get their hands on one to see if it is real or all hype.

So far all we have seen is renders and screen shots. Not much more for us to go on really. True the details, if they are true are simply amazing. After all what geek would not want to be able to run Windows 7 on their phone? I know I am eagerly awaiting this new technology and have been pestering In Technology Group Limited [ITG] for information and samples since I first read about the xpPhone.

Today I did receive some new information [if not an actual phone], ITG has sent along a video of a real live xpPhone engineering sample being powered on and entering Windows XP. They also sent over some new information about the ability of the phone to ?wake up? from the standard XP stand-by mode when it receives and incoming call or SMS text. Very cool stuff indeed.

?The world first Notebook can wake up by incoming calls and SMS from XP standby mode .
The patented technology of In Technology makes it possible for X86 notebook to wake up by incoming calls or SMS when XP is in standby mode to save power and it can quickly shift to working mode and rings. This globally unique technology ensures xpPhone is always in a lowest power-consuming mode and stands by for 5 days, much longer than traditional.?

So while we still do not have an actual xpPhone we can test and play with, it is looking more and more like this is going to be a real product that you can buy. But there is good news here as well; according to ITG the xpPhone has recived CE, 3C and CB approvals they are waiting on FCC and a couple of others but do expect to launch the xpPhone at the end of January 2010. I just hope when it comes out it really lives up to ITG?s claims