A TV in a Polar Bear and Choiix offers fashionable peripherals

The first product was shown during the CES Unveiled event and is a TV stuffed into the shape of a polar bear. The Hannspree TV was as cute as can be. As you can see in the shot it is a polar bear that was really too wide in the middle and where the tummy would be was the TV. There was also another cute TV; it was an apple TV. Not like an ?Apple? TV but a real apple shaped TV. Unfortunately I was not able to get a really good picture of that as way too many people were hovering around it.  


While at the Cooler Master suite I was able to take a look at the Choiix product line, I have to say that they were pretty awesome. The first product I saw at the CoolerMaster suite was the Card Pal. It is a USB 2.0 Flash Memory Card Reader. The Card Pal only comes in two colors which are the standard black and white. For the black one; the lettering was orange. And for the white one; the lettering was gray.

Choiix also offers mice in just about every color of the rainbow. Cooler Master is truly working to make the peripherals that you need for your mobile computing into something less bland and boring than what is currently out there.

The last product I saw at the CoolerMaster suite was the all recycled mouse pad. As you can see in the picture it shows another product on top of it [that we will be talking about later] but underneath is the mouse pad. And at the top of the photo is the end of a polar bear mouse pad and that is recycled too. All of the photos on the mouse pads are from National Geographic to complete the ?green? trend. We hope to take a look at one of these soon and will be able to tell you if it works or not.