GOOC 2010 All Wrapped up, Here Are the Winners

Well after a completely hectic weekend of overclocking and play we are finally back at home and able to get up the information about the winners of this year?s North American Finals for the Gigabyte Open Overclocking Competition. There were some pretty big ups and downs. At one point the rule even had to be amended as Fugger pointed out an available tweak for the Maxmem benchmark. It seems that in CPUTweaker there is an option to optimize for Maxmem. Using this can give you some amazing results, but they are not accurate at all. In the end HiCookie announced that using that was out of bounds.

The fun continued during round two where we saw a few more contestants lose either CPUs or motherboards to the demands of event.

After both rounds were over the winners emerged and were given their prizes.

Ross managed to grab the third place spot along with a pile of hardware, awarded by Ransom Koay from ThermalTake:

Second place fell to MikeGuava. Mike won a complete system put together by Cyber Power and presented by Kingston. Mike also gets a round trip ticket to Taipei and the world championship competition.

The big winner for the event was sno.lcn who was presented with s custom system from iBuyPower a silver winner?s plate and also a ticket to the championship event in Taipei.

After that the winners got up for a Champaign toast and, of course to spray things around the crowd. Some of us on the sidelines got caught up in the fun as well.

Finally they brought everyone up to the front for some pictures. After that we rushed over to the dinner and, of course, the after party…

All in all, we’re looking forward to Gigabyte Open Overclocking Competition World Finals in Taipei, Taiwan – coming next month.