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Verizon is Getting iPhones, Real Soon Now

Okay, we’ve heard these rumors about Verizon Wireless ever since the first iPhone dropped a call on the AT&T network. I’ll believe it when Steve jobs does one of his media-savvy presentations.

Yesterday morning, the folks at Boy Genius Report claimed to have inside information about Verizon’s future Android offerings. We started checking our sources, and we agree about Verizon’s roadmap.

Verizon and Motorola own the cell phone TV ads with DROID [How can you not like that robotic voice: ..ddrroooiiiddd]. From our Motorola sources, we have confirmation that besides today’s DROID and DROID X, Motorola will launch another DROID handset, probably called the Motorola DROID Pro. It’s supposed to have a 1.3GHz CPU [TI OMAP 4 with improved ARM Cortex-A9 core], 4 inch screen and global roaming capabilities. The launch is supposedly planned for November, just in time to beat the Christmas buying rush. The demos of TI’s OMAP 4 capabilities are very impressive.

Our source also said Motorola is working on an inexpensive candy-bar style phone like the older "Q" model, guaranteed to make our Tomi happy [i.e. his covered markets]. This will use Android 2.2 ‘Froyo’.

There will also be new Android powered handsets from Samsung and HTC. We are waiting to see the LG Optimus Z smart phone on Verizon.

Samsung Galaxy 7" TabletOn August 11 in New York City, Samsung will have a gala introduction of a new device. Tim Baxter, President of Samsung America is speaking and there will be an opportunity to see new products. The Galaxy Tablet, which resembles a grown up version of the just-released i9000 Android smartphone, will feature a 7 inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display, Wi-Fi, GPS and two cameras. It is reportedly powered by an ARM processor and is likely to pack in phone features as well. Since Korea is a CDMA country, Verizon should be on the NYC stage too.

Verizon Wireless says they are on track to have at least 75 percent of the country covered with LTE by April 2012. That means new handsets with CDMA/LTE chipsets. Qualcomm has those chipsets coming out of their contract fab facilities. It would be interesting to know if the next generation iPhone will be LTE/CDMA combo or just CDMA.

According to Digitimes Research of Taiwan, the CDMA iPhone, will be built by Pegatron Technology and is expected to start mass production in December and will supply CDMA iPhones to both Verizon Wireless and China-based China Telecom. Interestingly, the CDMA iPhone’s back plate is supposed to be forged from metal materials and will feature an integrated antenna. Let’s see if it works this time.

To create a metal back plate, Apple has purchased worldwide exclusive rights to use materials developed by Liquidmetal. A Liquidmetal technology demo video is pretty amazing and went viral when it was first shown. Apple obviously knows how to take COTS [commercial off the shelf] parts and package them in a dramatic way which attracts millions of buyers. You will find more technical information about Liquidmetal here.

China Telecom, has a subscriber base of 74.52 million CDMA users. Verizon has 99.7 million CDMA customers, but China Telecom, has added 3 million new subscribers per month since last December. If they continue growing at that rate, it could surpass Verizon early next year as the world’s largest CDMA carrier.

Mock up of long Rumored BlackPad by RIMNow, let’s talk BlackBerry ?BlackPad’ Tablet Rumors. Supposedly Quanta will be producing 10 million of these between this September and the end of next year. Their new OS6 which will debut in BlackBerry Torch smartphone. The interface has been refreshed for devices with touch screens or trackpads. BlackBerry OS6 uses a variant of the WebKit standard that powers both the Apple iPhone and Google Android browsers. There are new multimedia tools along with their reliable email client.

RIM [Research In Motion] has been allegedly purchasing 7 inch and 9.6 inch touchscreens that would be the perfect size for a tablet. Cisco and HP are both working on tablets similar to Apple’s iPad. HP and Cisco have been long time supporters of CDMA carriers, in contrast to Apple being on GSM.

Don’t forget Pixel Qi with their amazing high-tech dual-mode display. When compared to the Apple iPad display, seeing is believing.

Verizon plans to be in the middle of the new product launches with their existing CDMA network and they are about-to-go-online LTE 700MHz network. Of course, their pricing is not the least expensive on the planet for either voice or data. However, they are number one for customer support, have the least number of dropped calls, the best coverage in rugged terrain, and the fewest customers leaving for another carrier [a.k.a. Churn]. Between now and CES 2011 in Las Vegas there will be lots of rumors and even some new devices to spend your hard earned money on. As always, BSN* will keep you posted on what is happening.