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xpPhone as UC Terminal Will Become the Main Trend in the "3 Into 1" Era

At the partners? meeting of xpPhone ["the global first mobile internet communication terminal integrating mobile phone, GPS and laptop, 3 into 1"] held recently, ITG puts forward the application of unified communications [UC for short], emphasizing the interconnection of telecommunications, IT and Internet.

The core content of unified communications is the FREE communication, which allows people to obtain data, images and sound anytime anywhere through any device and any network. In other words, the unified communications system integrates all types of information into one, including phone, fax, email, mobile text messages, multimedia, data, etc, so as to achieve free selection and improve efficiency for the people. Distinguished from the interconnection at the network level, it is the people-oriented integration and coordination at the application level as well as the outcome of the integration and reformation of the new generation of communications and IT industry.

In the future, you no longer have to carry mobile phone, laptop, mobile TV, GPS and other terminals at the same time, because xpPhone can achieve all unified communications functions in the era of tri-networks integration! One terminal gains access to multiple networks!

In particular, 3G initiation creates new demand. With the construction of next-generation network [NGN], network construction and investment after the advent of 3G, and the necessity for the operators to construct the next-generation contact center, the mobility of unified communications will be further highlighted, and each company will customize the corresponding unified communications platform in respect of multiple business categories, which will create greater demand for unified communications. CCW Research?s report shows that unified communications [UC] will eventually become the main way of communication in the future.

According to the relevant authoritative data, the unified communications will enter the advanced stage of development around the year 2012, and its market scale will grow to 21.2 billion RMB [3.14 Billion USD]. With the development of this large market, more and more advanced technology will bring us higher level of speediness, convenience, pleasure and relaxation.

Previously, your friend lists, call logs, e-mails and short messages are scattered in different terminal devices, and now, with xpPhone, you can achieve all means of communication. Whether you stay at home or walk on a tree-lined trail, whether you are working, studying or entertaining, the video, voice, fax, e-mail, WEB, mobile short message, multimedia data and other types of information can be integrated into one via xpPhone regardless of time and space limitations, and an information interconnection channel is constructed between the wired and wireless Internet through one terminal, so as to achieve free interconnection.