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XPPhone Disassembled and Photographed, Looks Like it is Finally a Real Phone

The following break down was sent to us by the people at ITG [In Technology Group] and is not the work of BSN* or any of its staff. They are showing us a break down of the new xpPhone, a phone that we have been thinking could be nothing more than Vaporware. Now it could be that the xpPhone is nearing its final launch date. We do hope this is the case and that this is a real break down and not a mock up… only time will tell us the answer to that though. So for now let’s just look at what is inside the xpPhone. Again, do note that the commentary is not the work of BSN* staff.

After using xpPhone for more than two months, I have known about its functions basically. Like most xpPhone fans, I firstly thought that such configuration was undistinguished, but after two months of use, I have truly experienced its powerful application functions! Here, I do not want to introduce its specific application functions any more! You can buy one to enjoy the cool experience by yourself.

Recently, I want to have a look at the xpPhone?s internal structure, but its disassembly drawing can not be found after searching through Internet. My intense curiosity tortured me for a long time, and finally, I decided to make a sacrifice and disassembled my machine to see its internal structure, and also shared it with you!

Alas! Its fragile sticker is what I most worry about.

Finally, its internal appearance is revealed, and the black PCB [Printed Circuit Board] is unique in style!

This must be the cooling secret of xpPhone.

The removal is really toilsome here!

I took a photo of the spare parts by the way.
With 2 Mini PCIe Slot, it seems possible to DIY xpPhone to upgrade to Dual SIM cards, dual standby [capable to have two sim cards on line and usable for both EVDO and WCDMA network systems] and many more

Continue to dismantle.

At last, I found the motherboard lock!

Wow! The underside of the motherboard is shining, and I guess that this plays a shielding role. The motherboard is covered with a protective layer, and the workmanship is quite exquisite.

Finally, the motherboard was taken out, and let me take a close-up picture of it

This is back view.

Now, let?s proceed with the next step.

The sliding track is really strong, so that?s why it is so heavy.

Another black covering film appears.

After lifting it up, I saw the LCD screen. I tried to remove the LCD, but finally, I found that the LCD and touch screen are tightly glued together and further welded together with a cable. I thought that the machine would be certainly scrapped if I continued dismantling it, so I stopped the disassembly here!

Let me show another two parts to you!