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nVidia Parallel Nsight Delivers GPU Computing for Microsoft Visual Studio

On Monday at the GPU Technology Conference 2010 nVidia announced the release of nVidia Parallel Nsight software. This is the industry’s first development environment for GPU-accelerated applications that work with Microsoft Visual Studio. BSN attended the introductory tutorial given by Microsoft and nVidia.

Microsoft's Survey among DevelopersDavid Rich, director, technical computing at Microsoft, said "Research shows that developers believe the most difficult tasks when developing parallel applications are debugging, performance tuning and designing parallel algorithms. By integrating GPU computing into Visual Studio, nVidia?s Parallel Nsight is transforming the way GPU-based parallel computing applications are developed for Windows."

nVidia’s presentation showed how easy it is to use the Parallel Nsight features. The Graphics Debugger allows developers to debug all HLSL graphics shaders directly on the GPU.

The Graphics Inspector allows real-time examination of DirectX rendering calls and GPU pipeline state to craft optimal GPU code, and Pixel History shows all operations that affect a given pixel, helping developers to quickly identify rendering errors and to create optimal rendering code. In addition, Parallel Nsight Analyzer allows OpenGL developers to optimize applications by presenting OpenGL API trace information on a timeline correlated with other GPU and CPU events.

nVidia Parallel Nsight software supports Windows HPC Server 2008, Windows 7, and Windows Vista, which works closely with Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Professional edition. To download the Standard edition of Parallel Nsight, please go here. If you wish to get technical support and other benefits, the price is $349 per seat for the first year, and $299 for every year onwards.