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AMD Launch on the Way, Dismisses Delay Rumors

Recently, we learned that AMD is launching their refresh of Evergreen architecture on the week starting October 18th. Soon after, rumors appeared that AMD is postponing the launch into November.

We have talked with multiple sources in AMD’s own add-in-board ecosystem [AIB Partner List], and they all dismissed the rumors and confirmed to us that they will have Radeon HD 6000 series [desktop codename: Southern Islands] available for purchase in the week starting October 18th, 2010.

Partners are from one side, enthused about the number of products that will be available for launch, but also worried about the performance of the parts now branded as "Radeon HD 6800" series. According to the sources in the know, these parts perform lower than previous-gen HD 5800 Series, given the change AMD made between Evergreen and Southern Islands. The sources from two companies were confused at branding change for AMD, which sees moving the Barts Pro/XT part into the Radeon HD 6800 Series, top-end single-GPU and dual-GPU sharing the "HD 6900" Series name, while the lower end would get typical 6700, 6600, 6500 and 6400. The interesting bit is that some of the numbers are reserved for AMD Fusion parts that will come to market in 2011.

Former Stock Exchange was turned into a night club... is this the place where AMD is going to introduce the Radeon HD 6000 Series?
Is this the place where AMD is going to introduce the Radeon HD 6000 Series?

Rumors or not, invited journalists and analysts should receive all the information on the event taking place next week at The Exchange in Los Angeles, CA.