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Nokia N8 Seeing Unfair Reviews?

While we haven?t received our Nokia N8 sample yet, we are hoping to see ours soon to give you guys an accurate depiction of this device and the progress that Nokia is or isn?t making with their newest devices.

Nokia N8: Is this product getting fair reviews from the primary publications or are those reviews... "tweaked"?Recently, sites like Gizmodo featured certain ?usability tests? that pitched the Nokia N8 against the Apple iPhone and Blackberry Bold. Watching this video, you can clearly see that the iPhone and Blackberry users are very familiar with their devices and perform most tasks with ease. In addition to that, the Nokia N8 user simply doesn?t seem to have enough experience with the device to use it at the level of the other users. We can see him looking for the maps application while the other users know exactly where to look for the application to start running it.

Similarly, the user has problems utilizing the Camera properly on the N8 which is supposed to be its crowning feature. We won?t even go into detail about how the N8 user for some reason types slower than the iPhone user in this video nor why the iPhone user finishes their email before the Blackberry user, yet the timer keeps going until the Blackberry user has finished. Clearly there are so many flaws in this video that it would have to be tossed altogether.
But, Gizmodo isn?t the only one. Engadget is also responsible for allowing their biases to influence the way that they reviewed the N8 when comparing it?s camera to the iPhone?s. When looking at these photos, there is a clear difference between the Nokia N8 and the iPhone4 even though the Nokia N8 has a 12MP sensor with Carl Zeiss optics. The iPhone 4 is 5MP and doesn?t have anything fancy when it comes to the lense. So, when we watched the videos and looked at the pictures of the N8 and iPhone comparison we were a little surprised to see such a big difference. We then went over and read the Nokia N8 v Canon 550D shoot out where the comparison between the two devices was made and there was a significantly different conclusion. The Nokia N8 takes great photos but suffers from lack of lighting compared to a DSLR. When you look at those photos, you can see that the N8 still takes great photos but doesn?t quite reach DSLR quality, which is fine. It?s a phone.

In the end, what we?re searching for is not to discredit the websites or the writers but rather ask them to re-evaluate their reviews and make sure that they at least follow the scientific process and effectively convey the true real world use of the phone. We just worry that reviewers don?t simply go out there expecting to bash Nokia just because they?ve done poorly in the past and they hail their iPhones and Blackberries as the best things out there…