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Roy Taylor joins MasterImage 3D

Roy Taylor, known to most industry insiders as the father of nVidia’s ultra-successful The Way Its Meant To Be Played program – left nVidia to join MasterImage 3D. After spending 10 years at nVidia and going from developer relations to VP of Worldwide GPU sales, Roy decided to team up with MasterImage in order to drive the adoption of MasterImage’s fantastic glassless 3D display.

Roy Tayor, Executive Vice President and General Manager for 3D Display at MasterImage LLCMasterImage 3D patented cell matrix parallax barrier technology, i.e. dual-screen-in-a-single-LCD-screen technology that enables fantastic 3D effect without the need to use any glasses.

From my personal experience, nVidia’s 3D Vision and its licensors [Panasonic] still offer the best 3D in the business, followed by MasterImage 3D, Dolby 3D and RealD. Everyone else doesn’t even hold a candle, which is what we believe to be the key motivator for Roy’s new course in an already examplary career.

Roy’s official position is Executive Vice President at MasterImage 3D, LLC and General Manager, 3D Display. We’ll closely follow the developments and see can MasterImage 3D create a TWIMTBP effect on 3D development community.

You can see how the technology works on MasterImage’s official Autostreoscopic 3D page.