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Breathtaking Airplane View Added to Google Maps

I’m sort of a mapping aficionado, spending countless hours in Google Maps and investigating far-flung places that I’ll never visit. I absolutely love the high-resolution satellite imagery. It makes me feel powerful – almost as if I’m an NSA operator commanding a classified reconnaissance drone. Satellite images in Google Maps used to be kinda flat so the new 45-degree view knocked my socks off. In a nutshell, this feature lets you explore locations in awesome isometric perspective.

They call it the airplane view with a good reason. As you can see in the below image, the slightly tilted satellite view provides way better overview of ground structures. Currently available in 43 cities around the world in Google Maps web app on desktop and mobile, the new perspective automatically becomes available upon zooming in to the third highest zoom level. It’s absolute awesomeness and I encourage you to try it out here.