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Striking Infographic Rounds Up iPhone 5 Rumors

It’s hard to stay sane with all the hoopla surrounding a fifth-generation iPhone. Per usual, the blogosphere is playing the guessing game and recycling wild Apple predictions coming out of the rumor mill. For non-technophiles contradicting reports make it difficult to separate wheat from chaff.

Big media isn’t helping either. Historically, there has been little credence in speculative reports based on "sources familiar with the matter" that, need I say, prefer not to be named because "they were not authorized to speak publicly" on the matter.

Don’t take it all to heart. This is infotainment-based society and we readily accept rumor mongering as part of our morning routine. With that in mind, I wanted to share what our friends over at have put together. It’s the ultimate infographic that sums up interesting iPhone 5 rumors into one tall, albeit attractive and easily digestible chart. It’s included below in its entirety for your viewing pleasure. Feast your eyes on some iPhone 5 rumors!