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Taiwanese Enthusiast Company Makes USB Dicks

Taiwan’s memory module vendors have a tough life competing both against each other as well as the big overseas outfits like Kingston or Crucial. The intense competition leads to rapid, frequent releases of often similar products, and a general rush in getting things done. Well, nothing uncommon in fast paced Taipei where many IT professionals work 12 hour days for no real good reason.

The rush and resulting tiredness can sometimes result in interesting mistakes, like in the case of this today’s Team Group press release for their new Extreme LV modules, emailed to us – take a look at the underlined word in the text below the feature list:

About Team Group: Manufacturer of USB dicks. Say what?
Present in every press release: "About Team  Group" clearly states they’re a manufacturer of USB dicks. Say what?

Now, I think some guys – or more likely girls – may have good use for such product, if existed, but USB power limitations may come in the way if the device is to ‘perform’ so to say. OK, maybe fine with Gigabyte Triple USB Power motherboards, though.

On a serious note, Team did make a glaring misrepresentation in naming these new modules. Notice these modules are rated for a whopping 1.65 Volts, the maximum allowed by Intel. While their specs and performance seem to be quite OK according to the release, it is VERY wrong and misleading to call a 1.65 Volt module a ‘LV’which usually means Low Voltage, after all. That mark is usually, by competing vendors – including their Taipei neighbours like GEIL or G.skill, reserved for 1.35 Volt and 1.2 Volt modules.