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For Angry Birds Fans, a Bunch of Updates

Rovio Mobile, the brains behind the Angry Birds franchise, has revealed in a series of tweets that all three games – the original Angry Birds, Seasons and Rio – are due for updates, in addition to a brand new social Angry Birds game which is on track for a May release on the Facebook platform. A major Easter-theme update to Angry Birds Seasons is up next, a tweet promises. New game features will be previewed "soon" and before the game goes live ahead of Easter which falls on the last Sunday of April, or April 24 of this year.

Seasons was last updated with 15 new St. Patrick’s Day-themed levels. The original Angry Birds game and Rio will both receive new content in May, with the former update described as "a bit bigger than usual." We’ve summarized other interesting tidbits sourced from Rovio’s channel on Twitter, including an update to Angry Birds for Mac plus a nice music video about Angry Birds in real life, embedded below.

Angry Birds for Mac will receive an update before summer, Rovio promised. Angry Birds Rio, a movie tie-in, was downloaded ten million times in the first ten days of its release three weeks ago. The original Angry Birds game for Windows Phone 7 missed its intended April 6 launch and is now "up for Microsoft" to release it on the mobile store. An XBLA version is "coming later" but don’t hold your breath for Rio on Windows Phone devices yet, Rovio said.

When it comes to Android, the Mighty Eagle feature is in the works but "will take some weeks." Rovio has no immediate plans to release a paid Angry Birds download for Android without adverts. Angry Birds is ever expanding to new platforms, with Bada OS and Windows PC versions due "in a few weeks". They’re having issues with the Palm Pixi version 

The Finnish developer which recently received a $42 million series A funding also launched a new site at where they sell a wide variety of the official Angry Birds T-shirts, priced from $29 a pop for a regular T-shirt to $50 for the Red Face Hoodie.

And here’s the promised video. The plot? A guy gets jealous of his office colleague playing iPhone games, so he builds his own version of Angry Birds, with dire consequences.