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Trillian for Android Goes Free!

Cerulean Studios just announced that the Android version of their best-selling universal IM client, Trillian for Android is becoming free, i.e. ad-supported. To download the application simply go to Android Market. At the time of writing, the website version of the Android Market hasn’t been updated yet – but you should be able to download the free client directly from your phone.

Trillian for Android is now Free - Here seen on Motorola Droid smartphone
Trillian for Android is now Free – Here seen on Motorola Droid smartphone

The latest version of Trillian For Android squashes some bugs, adds a basic chat history viewer, and feature major improvements to the networking engine. Users should also notice less disconnects and should be able to interface with existing chat windows more easily even when the network connection bails out on you.

Users that purchased the original application for Android will be upgraded to an add-free client. Furthermore, all of the future upgrades will be free. As a bonus feature – add-free users will go across all mobile platforms, so when you switch to an iPhone or BlackBerry and download Trillian, your status will be as if you bought the application for that platform as well.

Existing Trillian Pro customers will also have add-free experience everywhere, and as a bonus they will enjoy the cloud history. The makers of Trillian gave out an pretty interesting comment on their blog:

"We?re already hard at work on an amazing new version of Trillian for Android, featuring many popular feature requests and some awesome new UI enhancements. Stay tuned, and thanks for supporting Trillian!"