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Surfers, Snowboarders, Snorkelers, Have no Fear, DryCASE is Here


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Water sports, cell phones or cameras don?t mix, until now. DryCASE promises to allow full use of your device while totally protecting it from the water you love. The crystal clear waterproof case is clear on both sides and flexible enough to allow both texting and picture taking while keeping your camera phone bone dry.

DryCASE launched their product line at CES 2012... unlike so called "water resistant" or "water repellent" devices, the manufacturer guarantees true "waterproof" seal such as one on diving watches.
DryCASE launched their product line at CES 2012… unlike so called "water resistant" or "water repellent" devices, the manufacturer guarantees true "waterproof" seal such as one on diving watches.

Enjoy music at the beach? Slip your MP3 into the case, and use the 3 way headphone jack to plug in a microphone or DryCASE?s waterproof stereo headphones. Then, kick up your feet. Even sand can?t get into the case to do damage. With the neoprene armband attached to your arm, you can even take a run through the waves.

If you?d rather kick back and finish that mystery novel, just put your iPad, Kindle or Nook into a larger DryCASE container for e-readers. If you are prone to read and fall asleep in a warm bathtub, you might consider using the DryCASE at home as well. It?s cheap insurance at $59.99.

At CES, DryCASE displayed a phone safely encased and submerged under water. The company is confidant no liquid will seep into the package. They have more than 10 years experience making waterproof medical covers. If they can protect a surgical incision, they can protect your equipment. Their secret is a vacuum seal that locks water out.

Closeup of DryCASE

DryCASE claims they are not product specific, in other words you can order the phone case for only $39.95 and be assured it will fit almost any sized phone, camera or MP player at 4.25 inches wide (10.8 cm) and 7.5 inches long (16.5 cm). Still not sure your off brand qualifies? Then call or email them and ask before ordering.

The DryCASE tablet holder also is made to fit most tablets, e-readers and large touch pad devices at 9 inches wide (22.86 cm) and 13 inches long (33.02 cm). Both cases come with a money back guarantee. However, because the company has no way of knowing if their product was in use if you claim your device got wet, they will not replace a damaged device. They state that when used properly, no way water will get to your phone or tablet.

So go ahead and enjoy your water sports without worry about your electronics getting wet.