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Rovio Buys Futuremark Games Studio, Targets Serious Games for PC

For quite some time, we’ve been hearing PC is dead and PC gaming is dead. Those dead businesses are achieving record revenue year after year (take a look at financial results from leading companies), and we’ve just heard a bombshell of sorts.

Rovio Entertainment, without any doubt the leading mobile entertainment developer announced they’re acquiring Futuremark Games Studio from Futuremark Corporation in their only second acquisition. Last summer, the company acquired Kombo Animation Studio and pieces of the puzzle are slowly coming together.

According to our sources, Rovio wants to diversify from being viewed as a mobile brand and reliant on mobile titles only. The knowledge how to create large scale 3D worlds is sparse and the easiest route for the company was to acquire people that have hands-on approach with the most advanced engines.

As a part of transaction, existing IP from Futuremark Games Studio will remain with Futuremark (Shattered Horizon, Hungribles, UInstoppable Gorg), while Rovio is effectively acquiring brains i.e. talent.

Rovio targets expansion "in entertainment, publishing, animation, and retail." With the talent behind Futuremark Games Studio, that expansion is all but guaranteed.