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AMD Trinity to Debut on May 15th: Quad-Core APU in Just 17W?

It looks like the stage is set for the arrival of a successor to AMD’s surprising best-seller of 2011, Llano APU. Trinity, i.e. Fusion 5000 series is set to arrive on May 15th. We learned that AMD is currently briefing journalists in a dedicated event, but according to X-Bit Labs, AMD will only release premium mobile parts on May 15th – read quad-core processors.

Trinity is a codename for second generation high-end Fusion processor from AMD and it comes from a trinity of parts which the company used to create the part: X86 cores are based on Piledriver architecture (Bulldozer refresh), Northern Islands (Radeon HD 6000) GPU and a video processor from Southern Islands (HD 7000). According to people in the know, Trinity processors will also support multi-display configuration thanks to AMD Eyefinity technology.

Given that AMD will heavily promote its 17 Watt Quad-Core APU, it is clear that the target for mobile Trinity is the upcoming 22nm processor from Intel, codenamed Ivy Bridge. Regardless what manufacturer enjoys your preference; we can assure you there will be plenty of Ultrabook, i.e. Ultrathin computers coming to the market.

When it comes to the desktop version, X-bit Labs cites documents that the company will initiate mass production of desktop Trinity parts only in early May 2012, putting the parts primed for Back-to-School period,  with the public launch coming in mid-2012. Given that first week of June will see two trade shows – E3 in Los Angeles and Computex Taipei, we would not be surprised if the public reveal happens at one or both conferences.