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KOSS Debuts STRIVA WiFi Headphones, But Are They The First?

Just this week, the Milwaukee team at Koss Corporation (KOSS) revealed their exciting STRIVA Pro & Tap WiFi-capable headphones, along with their MyKOSS music management system. In what they call a "revolutionary" new system, this Wi-Fi technology can receive music directly from the Internet without wires, and can even convert any stereo source into a wireless signal.

KOSS Striva Wi-Fi Headphones
KOSS Striva Pro Wi-Fi Headphones

The STRIVA Pro is a full-size, over-the-ear headphone that can either pull audio wirelessly from the STRIVA system, or it can be used for corded listening with an included Mini-USB to 3.5" adapter cable. The battery can be charged with AC power, through a Mini USB cable, and has a rated battery life of 15 hours solo, or 8 hours when used with the STRIVA CAP device.

The STRIVA Tap is a pair of IEM?s that offers the same wireless flexibility, plus the added convenience of a compact form-factor. Like the STRIVA PRo, this pair also includes a Micro-USB to 3.5" Y-cable for standard corded listening, and all needed accessories for charging and setup, plus interchangeable ear cushions. Both of these headphones also include a carrying case and 90-day limited warranty.

The STRIVA CAP (Control Access Point) is a WiFi access point that acts as a TCP/IP bridge, converting any stereo audio source into a WiFi signal. The CAP is portable enough to be strapped to a mobile device, and has a battery life of about 3 hours. All of these STRIVA products are rated to have a 300 ft. (90 m) range, whether from a WiFi router or the CAP. However, like any wireless signal, they note that this in the most optimal conditions, which is probably in a world without walls, interference, or bandwidth issues.

Koss STRIVA CAP - Control Access Point
Koss STRIVA CAP – Control Access Point is very compact in size

?The Internet has been liberating music for over 10 years,? says Michael Koss, President and CEO of Koss, ?Now our STRIVA Wi-Fi technology will liberate music lovers who can finally cut the cord and enjoy their favorite music anywhere, anytime, without wires.?

Their announcements proclaim that the STRIVA system is one of a kind, however WiFi headphones are not entirely brand new to consumer audio. Over the past decade, few models have emerged here and there, such as LTB?s FreeZone Headphones back in 2005, but this model had a 100 ft. (30 m) range, and a battery life of roughly 6 hours. So while Koss may not be "the first" in concept, they are certainly bringing their A-game to the court.

I?m stoked to announce that we?ll be test-driving the entire Koss STRIVA system here at BSN*, so stay tuned for an in-depth review coming soon!