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Weapon3X: A Green Revolution in Gun Care

The heart of any mechanical system is the interaction of its parts, and the maintenance of this frictional interplay is key to long term success. Centerfire Cleaning Solutions brings a safer, green alternative to the table in the firearms industry with their Weapon3X Cleaner, Lubricant, and Preservative (CLP). Boasting the claim of being a tougher, longer lasting, better performing lubricant and cleaner, their product takes an all natural approach to a problem that proves that companies can go green without sacrificing performance and effectiveness.

For the uninitiated, the favorite sons of the civilian firearms cleaning industry have traditionally been Hoppes #9 and Break-Free CLP, both of which are synthetic agents, with the former being a solvent only. While effective, these old guard products have a significant number of hazards which become apparent in the analysis of their Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

As far as safety goes, looking at pertinent examples of the warnings and treatments for accidental inhalation, ingestion, and simple skin exposure for synthetic cleaners, lubricants, and preservatives will yield a laundry list of bold text and exclamatory warnings on treating specific symptoms and advisories against inducing vomiting in case the material manages to spread itself into one?s lungs.

Source: Centerfire CS

On the other hand, from Weapon3X?s MSDS you will find no such warnings, instead, a simple statement saying that their product presents no hazard in any of the various forms of exposure. Furthermore, when compared to the combustion points of competing products, Weapon3X is rated to stay resilient and perform to much higher temperatures.

When tested against its market competitors, Weapon3X performed better, lasted longer, and immersed itself into the finish of the host so thoroughly that some remained after months of adverse conditions. Unlike other solvents or cleaners in its class, Weapon3X loosens carbon build up into a paste which wipes away cleanly with a cloth. Further, because of its unique proprietary blend of natural oils and other ingredients, Weapon3X is guaranteed never to dry out or evaporate, exceeding long term dry lubricant performance as well as its fluid counterparts.

The defense industry carries a few notable misconceptions, most commonly that their product and results are incompatible with an environmentally friendly model. Weapon3X is a shining example of how wrong that idea is, and the fact that the industry as a whole is adapting to new ideas and approaches.

When interviewed about the exact recipe and method for creating Weapon3X, co-creator Shawn Stahl informed us that every ingredient in their product is all-natural and fully biodegradable. An avid hunter and outdoorsman with the utmost respect for nature, Stahl emphasized the importance of Weapon3X?s biodegradability and eco-friendly performance.

The bar has undoubtedly been raised in world of firearms cleaners, lubricants, and preservatives. Weapon3X?s entry into the market proves that an organic CLP can both outperform synthetic equivalents and be non-toxic and eco-friendly. This is a milestone for the firearms industry and it will be interesting to see how the call for greener technologies will affect the defense industry as a whole.