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Comic-Con Day One Recap

The first day of Comic-Con as expected was an extremely jam-packed one. The day started out by us actually heading on over to AMD’s off-site event going down at BeLo nightclub in the Gaslamp district of San Diego’s downtown. Since the Convention Center doesn’t have enough room to accommodate everyone, most parties and events end up spilling over into hotels, bars, nightclubs, and restaurants in the general vicinity in order to quell demand for space.

At AMD’s event, they had Felicia Day taking pictures with fans as well as signing autographs. At the same time, AMD was also helping people sign up for their Social Media Sampling Program. All people had to do was to fill out their name, email and twitter handle in order to get a free CPU and motherboard from AMD.


The CPU and Motherboard were designed to give users the easiest experience and AMD will be emailing all of those people the reviewer’s guide for the APU provided to consumers. AMD did not ask for people’s emails in order to spam them, but rather to provide them with helpful information with their builds. AMD was providing everyone with A-series APUs with the A8-3870K being the one and only option being paired with motherboards from MSI, Gigabyte and ASUS.

AMD also had numerous gaming setups around the club and even had a 5 display eyefinity setup arranged for a driving simulator. If only they had the 180 degree video wall that we saw at E3 last year, that was absolutely awesome.


Below is a video of the video wall that AMD had set up at E3 last year.

There was also a costume contest at the Ironman 3 booth and we took some pictures as well.

Following that, we went outside the convention center and checked out the six Batmobiles that had been set up outside for viewing. Needless to say, they were pretty awesome, especially when one of them was turned on and revved.

After that, we headed to the Workaholics press roundtable where we were able to sit and chat with the cast from Workaholics and field some questions. We have some video footage of that, which will have to come at a later time due to processing and time constraints. They were really receptive and funny and overall made the experience absolutely enjoyable.

Following that up, we headed over to Nerd HQ and played some multiplayer Gear of War Judgement and got a nice look at that game since we hadn’t gotten a chance to do so during E3. Overall, the game fundamentally plays very similarly to Gears of War 3, but with a lot of new add-ons and options and some class changes. Judgement is more of a series of interesting changes rather than an entirely new game, it could, in theory, be considered a DLC in some sense.

For more photos, head on over to our Facebook Page to see all the images we’ve taken including costume contests and some awesome other photos.