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Tech Around the World Weekend Edition

FTC Finds Google Does Not Unfairly Favor its Own Services
For almost two years, the FTC has been investigating Google for various business practices, primarily concerning how the company displays search results.

HTML5 is now stable and "feature complete"
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has said that a stable specification of the HTML5 web markup language has been laid down for web application developers to now focus on.

Asustek?s Premium All-In-One PCs and Notebooks to Feature Motion-Control Technology.
Motion-Control Tech Incoming to Asus? Haswell-Based Notebooks, Premium AiOs

Sony Applies For Patent To Block Second Hand Disk Market
In a patent application filed by Sony Computer Entertainment, Japan, they have come up with a method to eliminate or restrict the usage of disk media by tying the disk to a machine and user ID

Get ready for ultra scratch resistant Gorilla Glass 3
Gorilla Glass is far from "primitive," and if an announcement Thursday about what its maker Corning has in store for CES 2013 is any indication, we should see some highly evolved products coming from the company.

Android Dashboard update shows Jelly Bean on 10 percent of active hardware
The last time we checked out Google’s Android Device Dashboard, penetration of the latest version had reached 1.8 percent of active hardware. A couple of months later and Android 4.1 / 4.2 Jelly Bean is accounting for more than 10 percent of devices that accessed Google Play in the last 14 days.

Apple refuses to fix Do Not Disturb bug
Apple has refused to fix the Do Not Disturb bug that has plagued iPhones since the turn of the year, suggesting users simply wait it out until the feature returns to normal next week.

Leaked Intel Atom Roadmap Suggests 22 nm Smartphone Chip Delayed Till 2014
Hopes that the 22 nm Atom smartphones will land by holiday 2013 appear to be fading