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CES 2013: Vegas Baby!

After setting up yards of extension cable, an array of systems and mobile devices, and figuring out how to connect to the outside world (Wi-Fi isn?t free), the guys at BSN* are now reporting live from Las Vegas for CES 2013!

Here?s a sneak preview of what to expect over the next week:

  • New CPU announcements from Intel
  • AMD likely to unveil Sea Islands GPUs and future company strategies
  • NVIDIA likely to showcase Tegra 4 mobile SoC and possible new GPUs
  • Corning will announce Gorilla Glass 3 for smartphones and tablets
  • MakerBot Industries and the industrial revolution of 3D Printing will unveil new 3D printers
  • SmartTV Alliance adds five more partners: Panasonic, ABOX42, IBM, Specific Media, TechniSet
  • A new player in consumer SSD market
  • New GoogleTV version enabled TVs coming from multiple TV manufacturers
  • $100 Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones
  • Sennheiser shows us what?s new
  • MIPS adds Android Jellybean support
  • New SOC of Chinese vendor, Ingenic
  • Anshel Sag will compete in the TigerDirect PC Charity Race

This week is going to be full of advancements in consumer tech and beyond ? so stay in the know! Add or follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@BrightSideNews), or Google+ for live updates.

Stay tuned!

~ The BSN* Team