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LaCie Releases New Storage Solutions

As part of this year’s 2013 CES, LaCie is releasing three new innovative additions to their Thunderbolt series and small business storage lines, choosing to focus on professional consumers.

First in line, LaCie debuts the 5big, the largest RAID in their Thunderbolt series, boasting capacities of up to 20 terrabytes and a transfer rate of 785 MB/s. This unit also features dual Thunderbolt ports for easy daisy chaining and near silent dual cooling. This model starts at an MSRP of $1199.00

Next up is the 5big NAS Pro, a drive powered by a 2.13GHz dual-coreIntel processor and LaCie’s very own NAS OS 3. Intended for small business storage, the hybrid cloud technology allows all users collaborate effortlessly using a single interface for network/cloud storage as well as remote access. With complete data security via cloud encryption and administrative options, this NAS unit is perfect for small business storage. Starts at $549.00.

Finally, LaCie stepped up to the collector’s game with a limited edition drive dubbed the "Blade Runner". Designed by Philippe Starck, the unit boasts an exclusive club of 9,999 total units produced. Not by exclusivity alone, the drive has a 4 TB capacity and USB 3.0 speeds, making it a great choice for storage needs. The starting MSRP is $299.00