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Panasonic Improves Smart Viera TVs

Promising to integrate interactions and personalize the way television works for individuals and their families, the new features of the ‘My Home Screen’ idea resemble the familiar mobile phone experience. Smart Viera will bring featured and preferred content, customized advertising and interactive touch surfaces, all to the biggest screen in your home. The home screen can be tailored to an individual basis, with a small face recognition camera on the television, automatically switching custom home screens to enable a personalized television experience.

As part of this customized and personalized television ecosystem, Panasonic has ongoing partnerships with YouTube and the Home Shopping Network (HSN) to integrate a number of cross platform features to their new smart TVs. Like most manufacturers, they are Including this a swipe and share system, unifying the smartphone/tablet as a second-screen experience to the greater television experience. The apex of commercial intrusion and inundation comes with their HSN integration into their Smart Viera system, allowing users to shop on demand and explore more options from the channel, all from their television. Also included is a fully featured web browsing ability and cloud access on Smart Viera televisions.

The final, and probably most interesting item of their conference were the bone conduction headphones, teased for a few moments to the press as a way for viewers or the hearing impaired to privately or more clearly enjoy their content on the big screen.