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Sharp Partners with Corning for New IGZO Displays

Earlier today at CES 2013, Sharp announced their new IGZO-based displays, promising to revolutionize the LCD display industry. IGZO ? short for Indium, Gallium, Zinc, and Oxygen, is a new type of semiconductor touted to miniaturize componentry as well as doubling the operating resolution of a device, in comparison to conventional LCD displays. This is also part of a continuing relationship with Corning glass, with their latest ?Lotus? series of glass substrate. With IGZO technology built into Corning’s Lotus Glass, Sharp is able to achieve displays that can withstand rigorous high-temperature processing while delivering pristine surface quality and superior thickness control. Sharp?s line of Aquos mobile phones will also benefit from the IGZO semiconductor, promising better touch recognition and accuracy, as well as significantly reduced power consumption.

Towards the end of the press conference, they also clued what could lie in the horizon, including developments already underway for 2014 and beyond. Most intriguing was their plans to add a nanoscale cone structure on screen surface, similar to a moth eye. This design will prevent screen glare while allowing as much light to pass to the viewer. They also plan on improving current Quattron technology by doubling the resolution per pixel, using a subpixel algorithm to provide a richer color spectrum and image resolution at lower costs.