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Technicolor Brings Coloring to the Masses

Technicolor is showcasing their new CineStyle Color Assist software at CES 2013, bringing easy color correction solutions to both novice or prosumser videographer.

Color correction, a visual skillset once reserved for the professional film industry, has been becoming more available to creators over the last five years, as media creation suites become more accessible to prosumers and videographers of all levels. By applying different color grading and other aesthetic choices to your visual project, you can help achieve different moods within your content, and drive your story forward.

Introduced in late 2012, and showcased at this year?s CES, CineStyle Color Assist will bring easy, non-destructive coloring options onto existing Quicktime, H.264, DVC Pro, ProRes, and other widely popular formats up to 2K resolution. Through a straightforward user interface, editors will be able to choose from 25 preset color profiles, and can even create and save custom grading as they experiment with CineStyle. These filters and profiles can be easily applied while previewing clips in real time, render-free. On top of the easy click-and-go options, tools like a vectorscope, color waveform graphs, curves adjustments, and key selectors are also available, to not leave prosumers and aspiring colorists behind.

CineStyle plugins are designed to work with Adobe Premiere CS5.5 and CS6, as well as Apple?s Final Cut Pro 7. They recommend a system with at least a newer generation of i5 CPU or equivalent, with at least 1GB of graphics memory. This program can also take advantage of GPU computing, such as NVIDIA?s CUDA architecture. Support for Final Cut Pro X and still image support is still in the works for future updates. Additional DLC ?premium? color profiles can also be purchased and used in conjunction with popular NLE (non-linear editing) software.

And the best part? CineStyle Color Assist is available only for $99.

Stay tuned as we report more exciting news from Technicolor!